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2011 1st Round Draft Predictions

This is, by far, the weakest draft in this milenium. It is especially bleak for any team hoping to bolster their offense. The first round may see as few as seven offensive skill position players taken. For reasons that escape me, the focus is on quarterbacks. Teams that need a franchise QB should note that, with Andrew Luck not coming out, there are no Sam Bradfords in this crop. Indeed, none of these choices rate to be a prodigious starter in 2011, and maybe not later, either. I predict 2011 will produce no Hall of Famers and no more than six ProBowlers.

Expect a lot of agreements leading to trades as soon as the lockout is settled. Many of these will involve QBs, at least seven of whom are better than anything coming in the draft: Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, Marc Bolger, Sage Rosenfels, Shaun Hill, and Tyler Thigpen. Of these, only the last two or three are favourites to stay in place. It also conceivable, if less likely, that Denver could have enough confidence in sophomore QB Tim Tebow to offer up Kyle Orton a price.

Let me preface my comments by saying that, for the purpose of these choices, I going to presume that those making the selections have IQs higher than turnips tenuous assumption in some cases!

1. Carolina Panthers Patrick Peterson, CB (or Marcell Dareus, DT)

There is a reason the Panthers finished last in 2010. They terrible almost everywhere. Never will we see it more obvious to take the Best Player Available. Remember, too, that they took Jimmy Clausen last year; taking another QB this year would be an admission a premature one, given the that Clausen had to work with in his rookie year they erred in 2010. Will they be stupid enough to pick a Quarterback from this mediocre pool? Possibly. includes management.

2. Denver Broncos Marcell Dareus, DT

Broncos are fortunate to have everything they need on offence more, since they have a spare QB who might land them as much as a first or second round draft pick if the lockout is settled. Virtually any of the top LBs or DLs will do. DB isn an area of particular need Buffalo Bills Von Miller, DE/OLB

Is Buddy Nix a moron? Whoever drafted a RB last year team only area of strength was. With one of the top Fantasy QBs in the league, only an imbecile would even consider taking a pivot here. If they do, will they also be surprised by the myriad and copious offers they get for Fitzpatrick? What do you wanna bet that Washington, Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, Cincinatti, San Francisco, Seattle, and Miami have Buddy Nix number on speed dial?

4. Cincinatti Bengals Blaine Gabbert, QB (or Cam Newton, QB)

The Bengals are a special case: they don have any pressing needs other than at QB, they have so much supporting talent that even a mediocre QB might do, and they not wheelerdealers. The only other team in a similar position is Minnesota.

5. Arizona Cardinals Robert Quinn, DE/OLB

Arizona has a lot of needs. I presuming that Tony Romo Authentic Jersey they will trade for a QB, probably Donovan McNabb, who lives in that state. Whoever they get can possibly work out worse than the last time they tried to fill that position through the draft. Arizona defence tends to overperform and Quinn is in that mold. Arizona management is Miles Austin Elite Jersey far too bright to fall for an obvious trap like DE Da Bowers.

6. Green, WR (or Julio Jones, WR)

7. San Francisco 49ers: Prince Amukamara, CB

I predict that this choice will peeve off millions, starting with 49er fans who are expecting a new Quarterback. Dallas will be upset. What better reason can there be to take the Prince?

8. Tennessee Titans: Nick Fairley, DT

Tennessee new defensive line coach, Tracy Rocker, coached Fairley at Auburn.

9. Dallas Cowboys: Mike Pouncey, C (or Tyron Smith, OT)

Like Denver, Dallas is pretty well set at offensive talent positions and, www.officialfootballcowboys.com/9_tony_romo_jersey_authentic_black_limited_cheap.html like Denver, they rate to rebound strongly in 2011. Where they are deficient is in offensive leadership, especially on the offensive line. Their other area of need is in the defensive backfield, where both premium players have just been plucked. Of course, you and I would take Tyron Smith and think later but Jerry Jones likes to surprise us and, to be fair, Pouncey isn a totally unreasonable alternative.

10. Washington Redskins: Julio Jones, WR

Granted, Washington has a lot of needs, including QB and OL, but none more pressing than at WR. Jones is the last star player left in the draft and, if Redskins have any brains, they grab him. Remember I said Houston Texans: Da Bowers, DE/DT

The Texans are well positioned on offense and have a long history of making questionable choices on defence. Why should that change? Every single thing you do not want in a top draft choice is embodied in Bowers.

12. Minnesota Vikings: Cam Newton, QB

Except for an itch at DB that they won be able to scratch, Minnesota is in the same boat as Cincinatti: strong enough everywhere but QB. www.officialfootballcowboys.com/19_miles_austin_jersey_authentic_black_limited_cheap.html Watch the Vikes try to get Sage Rosenfels back from the NYGs. Sage is familiar with their system and can hold the fort until Newton is ready to go.

13. Detroit Lions: Tyron Smith, OT

Detroit franchise QB Mathew Stafford injures a shoulder on every second snap. Their running game has gone south. Time to beef up the offensive line. 2011 isn the banner year for OTs that 2010 was, but Smith a keeper.

14. St. Louis Rams: Aldon Smith, DE

Many Rams fans will be expecting a WR but the talent pool is thin after Julio Jones is gone. Also, the St. Louis WRs are good enough if they can stay healthy. QB Sam Bradford is fully capable of making these guys look good. Time to think defence here.

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