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2011 NFL Draft edition

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Note: I will accept apologies from all those who felt the Broncos should have kept Brandon Marshall $50 million talent with a 50cent brain. He's using that old "I slipped on" excuse again. In Denver, he was horseplaying with relatives and supposedly slipped on a McDonald's bag and put his hand through the TV set. Two doctors and a worker at the hospital where he went in Florida all told me the wound was not consistent with a hand going into a TV screen. It was, they said, more consistent with a knife wound. This time he said he slipped on a broken vase. But his wife admitted she stabbed him, and she claimed selfdefense. The guy is a mess.

Read the recent story in Sports Illustrated about the Darrent Williams death. It didn't have much new from what The Post wrote at the time of the trial, but does sum up a lot of what went on when Marshall and his relative caused most of the problems the night of the murder, and it's been suspected all www.officialfootballcowboys.com along that Marshall was the player the killer really wanted to shoot.

I've heard the past few days about how Marshall was a good guy. I liked him in certain circumstances, but www.officialfootballcowboys.com/77_tyron_smith_jersey_authentic_black_limited_cheap.html 18 runins with the law don't make you a good guy, and that slippage story is getting old.

Woody, nearly all of the mock drafts I have read have Carolina picking quarterback Cam Newton with the No. 1 pick and Denver taking defensive tackle Marcell Dareus No. 2. I hope this scenario comes true, as I think Dareus will be a beast for the Broncos. But what happens if the Panthers get cold feet and decide to pick Dareus instead? What will the Broncos do Broncos general manager Brian Xanders, left, and executive vice president John Elway. (Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post)

then? What do you think they should do if that happens?

Greg: Outstanding question. The Broncos have asked themselves the same question many times. Here's how it goes down. The Broncos have 10 minutes at that point. The other NFL teams know the numbers for the cell phones of John Elway, Brian Xanders, John Fox, Keith Kidd (director of pro personnel), Matt Russell (director of college scouting) and probably for the coordinators.

Immediately the Broncos start getting calls from the Titans, the Bills, the Bengals, the Redskins and, most definitely, the 49ers, the Vikings, and probably, the Cardinals. All those teams want a quarterback, and they want either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert. They're making the Broncos offers, bidding against each other. Time is running down.

Everybody involved knows the NFL draft trade value chart. The No. 2 overall pick is worth 2,600 Tyron Smith Elite Jersey points. You want Newton, Tyron Smith Black Jersey you've got to make a deal that's worth as least 2,600 points to them. Jim Harbaugh, the new coach of the 49ers, is slobbering all over himself. He has said in the past few days that Newton is "plutoniumgrade raw material . . . I haven't seen upside like with this guy in probably the last 10 years."

So the 49ers want Newton bad. They have the seventh pick in the first round, which is worth 1,500 points. They propose a Lawrence Welk deal with the Broncos, "a one and a two and a three ", which adds up to 2,160 points, or 440 shy of

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